Red Barn Campground

Red Barn Campground
W6820 Cty Hwy B
Shell Lake WI 54871

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Red Barn Campground Miniature Golf

Enjoy Yourself

The Red Barn offers you many opportunities to relax & enjoy the beautiful outdoors on the farm.

  • Miniature Golf*
  • Small Animals
  • Recreation
  • Animals
  • Hayrides
  • Lake Use
  • Hiking
  • Pickleball

*Denotes extra cost

Miniature Golf

A popular recreational feature of the Red Barn is the nine hole miniature golf course set within a beautiful floral garden and waterfall for special enjoyment. Cost is just $3.00 for 9 holes, $4.00 for 18 holes. Mini-golf tournaments for children and adults are held on major holidays with prizes for each age group.

Small Animals

On most Saturday mornings children (along with parents) will have the opportunity to lead our small animals around the campground. Children may groom the animals after the walk.


There is a sand volleyball court near the playground area, horse shoe pits west of the small animal pen, basketball and ping pong in barn loft. Equipment for playing these and other games is available for checkout for FREE in the office.


You are welcome to enjoy the RBC animals, but please treat them with caution and care. NO entry is permitted in the pens. Chickens can be fed your bread, fruit, and vegetable scraps, but NO meat or fat. Children can gather an egg for breakfast (see schedule for egg gathering) but must be accompanied by an RBC chaperone. (Limited animal activities before Memorial Day and after Labor Day)

Hay Rides

The RBC offers tractor-drawn rides on our special “people mover” wagon through our trails in the back woods, usually Saturday evening. For campers only (children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult on all rides). Please sign up for these rides in the office in advance. Rides are free, but tips are appreciated!

Lake Use

You are only 2 blocks away from one of the most beautiful lakes in Wisconsin for swimming, fishing, and boating. Boat access is 2 miles away. Boats are inspected* for milfoil and mussels. Shell Lake is a beautiful and clear lake, please help keep it that way.


You are encouraged to walk the RBC trails to enjoy the wildlife, beautiful woods, flowers, and unique topography. Please leave the nature undisturbed.


Pickleball is similar to tennis, but much easier to play. Rules are posted in the barn. The special court, 42 feet by 20 feet, has been marked in the barn loft and the paddles are available for check-out in the office. Because of space conflict for basketball, etc, players must reserve the court in advance: maximum one hour. The court will be available only during the hours of 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.